Company History

Gobora Drilling CC was established in 2003 by Piet Scholtz and was joined by his son, Jacques in 2008 after completing his B. Com Accounting & B. Com Financial Management at the University of Johannesburg.

Gobora Drilling takes a hands-on approach when it comes to delivering the best possible service and outcomes to our clients. We take much pride in our labour force and we endeavor to pass our highest quality standards on to our employees at whichever level they may be.

Great for you

We strive to keep our equipment in the best possible condition to ensure the best production at all times. Strict maintenance and rebuilding of equipment are done on a continuous basis to reach this end. Good client relationships are forged over time and we therefore go out of our way to try and find the best possible solutions for our clients’ needs at the best possible price.

During our 13 years of business we have completed numerous projects throughout South Africa for mining houses, government institutions and companies specialising in geological services.