Work Experience

We have extensive experience of the ground formations that are found in the Northern Cape, Northwest Province and Greater Karoo regions and are able to drill “red clay” effectively, something that is quite hard to do.

We specialise in various drilling techniques, including Percussion (DTH) Drilling, Odex Drilling, Mud Rotary Drilling & Reverse Circulation Drilling. We would like to state that we have completed numerous projects in different regions of South Africa.

Project History

  • Departments of Agriculture North West – 2005 to 2011.  Various Government funded projects for previously disadvantaged farmers.
  • Department of Agriculture Northern Cape – 2007 to current. Hundreds of Boreholes completed for rural water supply programs.
  • Moshaweng Local Municipality Northern Cape – 2008 which consisted of 55 Boreholes for a water feasibility study in the surrounding areas of Kuruman & Hotazel.
  • UMK Manganese mine – 2009 to 2012.  Exploration drilling program to establish exact depths of manganese and parameters of future mining pits.
  • Amari Resources on farm Kongoni adjacent to UMK/Bateman Mine – 2009 to 2013. We have completed 60 Boreholes ranging between 150 – 300 metres in depth that acts as pilot boreholes for further core drilling.  Drilling methods used include Odex and Mud Circulation drilling.
  • Lehating Mining on farm Lehating in the Black Rock area, next to Boerdraai – 25 Odex boreholes completed during 2011. This area is notorious for difficult drilling conditions.
  • Department of Agriculture Western Cape – 2012 to 2013.  52 Boreholes on a drought relief program.
  • Burke Mine (Now Diro Resources) 2013 – on their exploration program in the Kathu area.  Although the conditions and terrain are very difficult, we were very successful on the project.
  • Assmang – Gloria Mine – 2014 – Completed a de-watering project on a proposed new ventilation shaft together with Industrial Synthetic Oils (Pty) Ltd. This project consisted of the drilling and grouting of 10 boreholes around the proposed ventilation shaft. The aim and result of the project was to ensure minimal water presence in the area where the shaft will be constructed.
  • Kadgame Mining – Kathu – 2014 – We are currently busy on Kadgame Mine on an extensive Exploration Project to establish iron ore and manganese reserves. To date we have drilled 2500meters on the project.
  • UMK Manganese mine –  Currently –  Extensive Exploration Drilling Program
  • Department of Agriculture Northern Cape – 2011 – currently- various boreholes in greater Kuruman/Hotazel/Postmasburg areas.
  • Tshipi Borwa Mine – Currently – Extensive Exploration Drilling Program