Gobora Drilling CC has, since inception in 2003, completed numerous projects in various regions of the Northwest, Northern Cape and Free State Provinces.

Our Services

Normal Percussion Drilling

We are equipped to drill to depths up to 350meters with normal compressors. Where necessary special air boosters can be used to reach desired depths.

Symmetrix Drilling

This method of drilling provides a successful alternative to drill difficult formations (i.e. Red clay, Pebble beds, Loose sand) more effectively by drilling in the casing simultaneously with the drill rod strand.

Reverse Circulation Drilling

This method of drilling allows for more accurate and cleaner sample collection in cases where the formations are not suitable for effective core drilling.

Mud Circulation Drilling

Mud Circulation is used in instances where air percussion drilling is not suitable, for instance where formations are very broken up and the air escapes into pockets within the formations, making air percussion difficult or impossible.


Why us?

We got the tools

We have the best equipment for any drilling scenario.

Years of Experience

Add the benefit of good experience throughout our labour force with 13 years of drilling experience.